We can help you start or grow your business with the following services:

Telecom Infrastructure Analysis

Our experts perform complete requirement analysis for voice, data and mobile services. We uncover non-essential lines, services, wastage, overcapacity and redundant features leading to cost savings.

Services Your Business Needs

We can help you with any of the following business needs:


Project Management

Our services include complete project management for the implementation of the project after its approval by the management. It is followed by periodic updates. Our consultants review the services at fixed intervals to maintain its reliability and cost-effectiveness.


Business Relocation

PipeOne can assist you by managing the entire relocation of your telecommunications services, including ordering, verifying services, and coordinating the installation of the necessary services and hardware in your new space.


Disaster Recovery And Business Continuity

Every business needs a disaster recovery plan. It could be mother nature, the cabling company, the network provider, the power provider, or other devices plugged into your telephone system or network. Our service team will help you put together a disaster recovery plan to fall back on in case of a service emergency.


Audit and Recovery

We uncover billing discrepancies in complex telecom invoices and recover overcharges due to negligence on part of carrier and frequent errors in their database.



Our professionals help in consolidation of telecom services leading to higher optimization and transparency. We provide both billing and network consolidation services.


Contract Negotiation

We provide services for skillful negotiation of contracts with service providers.

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